Hey! I’m Abby, an editor and digital strategist. After a decade in outdoor media (think: Outside, Backpacker, SKI, and Climbing magazines, and REI), I recently switched to the entertainment industry. But I’m still passionate about the outdoors, so I’m relaunching my newsletter about the environment, women’s issues, and the state of the world.

I’ve been writing Sticks & Stones since 2016, even before Substack, but I’ve taken breaks here and there. Consider this new version a weekly recap of what’s going on in the outdoors and beyond. I’ll include links to and blurbs from interesting things I’m reading across the internet, highlight some of my favorite products, and pop in the occasional funny tweet.

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Editor and digital strategist | Raising kids, dogs, bees, and plants in northern NM | Lives in an adobe house on a veggie farm