Outdoorsqueen Pattie Gonia Wants You to Find Your Six-Inch Heels

Plus, Blair Braverman on rejection

Hello from New Mexico.

What I’m reading

On Getting Rejected a Lot (and Liking It): What do you do after getting turned down by a dream job? Keep getting turned down. [Blair Braverman for Outside]

New Mexico Casts an Enchanting Spell on a Road Trip Adventure: The most underrated state in the U.S. deserves our attention. [Kassondra Cloos for Enterprise]

Mountains, Transcending: “Ever since I was five years old,” wrote opera singer–turned–Buddhist lama Alexandra David-Néel, “I craved to go beyond the garden gate, to follow the road that passed it by, and to set out for the Unknown.” [Ailsa Ross for Longreads]

Why Thru-Hikers Are Obsessed with Fantasy Books: “And in a weird sort of way, thru-hikers are dealing with things more akin to a character in a fantasy novel than anything else. They’re facing low odds of success, adapting to unforeseen scenarios, and picking themselves up after various obstacles knock them down again and again. They grow weary and run-down over the course of the journey. They also get tougher, wiser, and sometimes grow long beards.” [Rebecca Broojian for Outside]

If You Can Get Killed Doing It, Fashion Wants It: Headed for base camp at Everest or a cubicle at WeWork? It’s getting harder to tell the difference as the influence of extreme sports infiltrates mainstream fashion. [Guy Trebay for The New York Times]

Outdoorsqueen Pattie Gonia Wants You to Find Your Six-Inch Heels: Pattie Gonia, whose name is a play on you know which brand, is the drag-queen alter ego of 27-year-old photographer Wyn Wiley. [Erin Berger for Outside]

Last but not least

Looking to Recruit Female Firefighters

Plus, Prince Harry interviews Jane Goodall

Good morning! Back from a weekend of alpine lakes, bonfires, and puppies’ first big hike. Hope yours was equally beautiful and relaxing.

What I’m reading

Space Explorer Natalie Panek's Impossible Job: The Canadian almost-astronaut is making a name for herself as a new kind of space-nerd-of-all-trades. [Graham Averill for Outside]

Fiona Kolbinger, 24-Year-Old Medical Student, Becomes First Woman to Win the Transcontinental Race: “I was targeting the women’s podium, but I didn’t think I could win the whole race.” [Jason Sumner for Bicycling]

If You Can Get Killed Doing It, Fashion Wants It: Headed for base camp at Everest or a cubicle at WeWork? It’s getting harder to tell the difference as the influence of extreme sports infiltrates mainstream fashion. [Guy Trebay from The New York Times]

Northern New Mexico Forests Looking to Recruit Female Firefighters: This year, the Santa Fe and Carson national forests are joining forces to offer firefighter training, aiming to get more female applicants for the 2020 season. [Megan Bennett for the Albuquerque Journal]

HRH the Duke of Sussex Interviews Dr. Jane Goodall for the September Issue: A candid conversation from Vogue's September issue about environment, responsibility, and climate change. [Prince Harry for Vogue]

What You Should Know Before Starting Vanlife with Kids: Tips from the pros about the importance of communication, being prepared for a breakdown, and taking it slow. [Krista Langlois for Outside]

We’re hiring at Outside

(…although obviously no one can ever replace the one and only Erin Berger)

Last but not least

Every Woman Runner Knows the Man Who Won't Be Passed

Plus, on alt meat

Good morning and happy Monday! I spent my whole weekend in northern New Mexico climbing, camping, and celebrating one of my dogs’ 15th birthdays and another ones’ first camping trip.

I’m running late today, so keeping it brief this week!

What I’m reading

Every Woman Runner Knows the Man Who Won't Be Passed: What's so upsetting about letting a woman be faster than you? [Anne-Laure White and Aude White for Outside]

We Need to Stop Shaming for Not Being Perfect Environmentalists: “You don’t need to drive an electric car, have solar panels on your home and travel exclusively by bicycle to be a climate activist. You don’t need to be a vegetarian or vegan. Those are all great things to do, but if you can’t do those things, don’t let it hinder you from having a bigger voice and advocate for large-scale policy change.⁣⁣” [Caroline Gleich on Instagram]

Junko Kazukawa Won't Be Slowed Down: She's the first person to finish the Leadville Race Series and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in a single season. [Graham Averill for Outside]

This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry: Alt meat isn't going to stay alt for long, and cattle are looking more and more like stranded assets. [Rowan Jacobsen for Outside]

Last but not least

How to Be a Beginner (and Get Over Your Ego)

Plus, black women are leading the climate movement

It’s the Sticks and Stones’ birthday! Thanks for reading this weekly newsletter for the past three years. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the many internet friends I’ve made through this little send. Thank you for passing me good reads and kind emails. Here’s to many more issues. 🍻

Courtesy Stefanie Shank, Giphy

I’m late to this send today (and sorry for missing last week’s!), but here is a puppy to make up for it.

Now, back to business.

What I’ve been reading

Murder in the Moroccan Mountains: Last winter, Moroccan officials found two hikers dead on the trail to the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. The international investigation that followed revealed the fragility of the adventure travel economy, as well as what happens when a small tourist hub is suddenly made strange by violence. [Rachel Monroe for Outside]

Black Women Are Leaders in the Climate Movement: Environmentalism, in other words, is a black issue. [Heather McTeer Toney for The New York Times]

How to Be a Beginner (and Get Over Your Ego): “It turns out that at Outside, saying you ran cross-country pretty well in high school is like sharing your SAT score any time after graduating high school: irrelevant enough to get an awkward look.” [Erin Berger for Outside]

Bloom's Mission to Turn Toxic Algae into Shoes: One company thinks it can solve the global algae crisis by making sneakers from sludge. [Kelly Bastone for Outside]

Maybe It’s Lyme: What happens when illness becomes an identity? [Molly Fischer for The Cut]

Blair Braverman's Favorite Active, Bra-Friendly Dresses: “Did you know that you can wear whatever you want? I grew up taking magazine quizzes about the right clothing for different body types and then spent my teens and twenties wearing fit-and-flare dresses. After all, that’s what you’re supposed to do with curves: cinch your waist, cover your thighs. Then, last year, my stylish friend gave me a smock minidress, which was super comfy and made me feel like a boss, and it blew my mind.” [Blair for Outside]

How Shelton Johnson Became a Yosemite Legend: The longtime ranger has spent decades sharing stories of Buffalo Soldiers and advocating for diversity in the national parks. But his journey started on the edge of a cliff in Germany. [Katherine LaGrave for Outside]

Other reads

A Woman’s Greatest Enemy? A Lack of Time to Herself. If what it takes to create are long stretches of time alone, that’s something women have never had the luxury to expect. [Brigid Schulte for The Guardian]

Last but not least

Amelia Boone Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

Plus, a crotch-friendly bike saddle for women

Hello. Happy Monday. Diving right in. (A shot from a favorite local lake below.)

What I’m reading

Finally! A Crotch-Friendly Bike Saddle: Women cyclists who train long hours on a bike often experience damage to their genitalia. But Specialized's new Mimic saddles could solve the problem. [Kelly Bastone for Outside]

Amelia Boone Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder: The world-champion obstacle course racer has had a 20-year history with anorexia. But now she's in the process of recovering, and she has some important lessons to share. [Amelia Boone, shared on Outside]

American Soccer: Where Men Are Men, and Women Are Repeat World Cup Champions: They are unequaled in play and unequal in pay. [Lindsay Crouse for The New York Times]

How WTF Bikexplorers Built an Inclusive Cycling Space: The national organization and its regional offshoots give non-cis-male cyclists the chance to bike in nature and learn skills in a welcoming community. [Bridey Heing for Outside]

I (Kinda) Hate Running: I'm worse at it than your average tortoise, and yet I persist. Why? Miseries and all, there's no better foundation for my physical and mental health. [Andrea Pitzer for Outside]

How Not to Talk to Your Child About Body Image: “Separate the idea of weight, which is deeply fraught in our culture, particularly for women, from the practice of physical activity, which means a lot to you, does wonders for health, and which your daughter seems to enjoy. Let her weight be her business.” [Blair Braverman for Outside]

Last but not least

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