What We Miss by Studying Mostly Men

Plus, the grandma on a mission to visit every national park

Good morning! Apologies for my tardiness on this send. Let’s get right to business.

What I’m reading

This Grandma Is Visiting Every National Park: Together, Joy and her grandson Brad have driven more than 25,000 miles through 38 states—and they're not done yet. [Connor W. Davis for Outside]

California Just Made It Illegal to Pay Women Less Than Men In Sporting Events on State Lands: Inspired by the fight CEWS took to Maverick’s, California State Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath introduced the “equal pay for equal play” measure that was signed into law Monday. [Dylan Heyden for the Inertia]

Don't Compare Your Life to Instagram: How to handle the ups and downs of nomadic life. [Blair Braverman for Outside]

Kate Courtney secures MTB World Cup Title with Podium Finish: Kate Courtney secured the World Cup cross-country overall title with a fifth-place finish in Snowshoe, West Virginia. [via VeloNews]

The Environment Is Being Weaponized for Hate: Even as the green movement works toward building an inclusive outdoor community, anti-immigration groups are using environmental rhetoric to keep people out. [Heather Hansman for Outside]

What We Miss by Studying Mostly Men: Two new studies on beet juice and VO2max highlight the limitations of sports science research that excludes female athletes. [Alex Hutchinson for Outside]

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