The Women Fighting Fire for the BLM

Plus, the first women's fly-fishing mag and a very cute book review

Happy Monday!

Here’s what I’m reading

Kate Brandt Is Turning Google into a Green Powerhouse: She helped the Navy, the White House, and the entire federal government become more eco-friendly. Now Kate Brandt is tackling her most ambitious sustainability project yet. [Megan Michelson for Outside]

Fuel, Oxygen, and Heat: In the male-dominated world of wildland fire in America, the Bureau of Land Management is working to address the gender discrimination, harassment and assault that have been endemic to the culture for over a century. [Emily Stifler Wolfe for Mountain Outlaw]

The Editor of the First Women's Fly-Fishing Magazine: When Jen Ripple learned the rich history of female anglers, she thought it was about time they had their own publication. [Chris Wright for Outside]

Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich Wouldn’t Stop Using Social Media: Even if she could [Ben Ramsey for Park Record]

Climber Eva López Has a PhD in Finger Strength: Building buff digits might take less time than you think, according to the Spanish scientist. [Ula Chrobak for Outside]

Last but not least: just for fun

This is a very cute review of adventure/outdoorsy kids books… by Heather Hansman and a three-year-old. A preview:

The toddler feedback was that the rock at the center of the story, Chip, who is on a mission to connect with his fellow geologic formations, was a cool dude, but going to South Dakota seemed like a questionable travel choice. This was Sawyer’s favorite book of the lot, which I cosign, because I also like stories with relatable narrators. It was peppered with rock puns—which Mom and I rolled our eyes at but Sawyer totally missed—and I’m not sure how much of the intended geology lessons actually came through. But for a book with an educational backbone, it still has a narrative a kid can get behind.