The Weight of Womanhood

Plus, hiking in a dress and a mom’s motivation for climbing

Happy Monday! Keeping it brief today.

What I’ve been reading

Ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter Wins by Stressing Less: Dauwalter just won the prestigious Western States Endurance Run in a blazing fast time. We can all learn something from her training philosophy. [Ariella Gintzler for Outside]

Growing Pains, the Weight of Womanhood: A recent article in The New York Times handled the topic of transition from junior to senior level in sport, using up-and-coming U.S. distance running star Katelyn Tuohy as a focal point around which to frame the discussion. “America's Next Great Running Hope, and One of the Cruelest Twists in Youth Sports” reads the headline. The “cruel twist” turns out to be puberty; the normal physical and biological changes that go with it and the role they can play in a young female athlete's performance and career. [Natalie Berry for UKC]

Yes, You Can Hike in a Dress: Surprisingly technical trail-to-town wear that’s comfortable, tough, and versatile [Jill Sanford for Outside]

How to Train Specifically for Mountain Running: Tweak your training to master summer summits, mountain and sky racing [Morgan Sjogren for Trail Runner]

A Mother’s Motivation for Climbing a Mountain: “My three-year-old daughter, Seraphina, and I have talked about me climbing this mountain in Tanzania called Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’ve shown her pictures of the mountain and Seraphina has taken a curious interest in what I do at the gym to train. She has randomly said to people, ‘You know what? My mom is very strong.’” [Katina Grays for Outdoor Afro]

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June 28, 2018