The Secret Superhero of Women's Gear

And the women flying Alaska's planes, the queen of athleisure, and more on Elizabeth Hawley

Happy Monday. I hope your weekend was relaxing, fun, or filled with adventure—maybe all three. I spent mine ticking off some of the final training miles before a race I’m running this coming weekend. Speaking of which, I’ll be taking off next week from this newsletter to run and climb up in Wyoming. Mountains + friends + trail running + cragging + a few days out of the office = the equation for a perfect long summer weekend, IMO.

Here’s what I’m reading this week

How Wilma Rudolph Became the World’s Fastest Woman: Wilma Rudolph won three Olympic golds and was among the first athletes to use her celebrity to fight for civil rights. [Kate Siber for Outside]

Catch a Ride to the Alaska Range With One of These Five Female Pilots: Even in the male-dominated world of aviation, female bush pilots are more ubiquitous in Alaska than you might think. [Scott Yorko for Powder (Thanks for the tip, Sierra!)]

“I Taught My Girlfriend to BASE Jump and It Scares Me”: My hunch, though, is that your girlfriend loves BASE jumping for the same reasons you do: the freedom, the rush, the way the world shrinks away and grows toward her. Your main job, as a supportive partner, is to celebrate her newfound passion just as you would one of your own.” [Blair Braverman for Outside]

The Mountain of Data: Elizabeth Hawley and an ode to fact checking [Katie Ives for Alpinist]

The Pee Funnel Is the Secret Superhero of Women's Gear: When you gotta go, you gotta go. These make it easier no matter where you are. [Anna Callaghan for Outside]

Fatimah Hussein Is America's Sports Hijab Pioneer: The Minnesota basketball coach launched Asiya, a brand with the goal of making playing sports better for hijab-wearing women everywhere. [Ruqaya Izzidien for Outside]

My Daughter Is Trapped Under Five Feet of Snow: In the remote mountains of Norway, a father claws himself out after an avalanche… then starts frantically searching for his daughter. [Bjørn Asle Nord on Narratively]

Ty Haney Is the Queen of Athleisure (Please Don't Call It That): The 29-year-old CEO of Outdoor Voices is taking on Nike, one color block at a time. [Nora Caplan-Bricker for Outside]

Last but not least: For a few laughs

“Are you my outdoor dream boy? If you are, we will name our children Scout, Atlas, and Stand-up Paddle Board. They will learn how to hike before they can walk and climb before they can stand. Sadly, they won’t have a daddy, but that’s fine because I’ll teach them to devour performance-fleece-wearing humans to sustain their mystical life forces just like mommy. Don’t worry, that last part was a joke. I am deathly serious about forest conservation, but I can still make very funny jokes. More importantly, whatever adorable outdoor activities we do as a family, I will post to Instagram in the hopes of getting a brand sponsorship.” —From McSweeney’s “I’m Your Outdoor Dream Girl and Not an Evil Wood Nymph Who Wants to Steal Your Soul” by Madeleine Trebenski

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