The Nepali Women Who Hike for Days to Deliver Birth Control

Plus, the climate strike

Just got back from a weekend in southern Colorado, where fall has definitely arrived. Pictured here, me hoarding puppies in hot springs.

What I’m reading

This Instagram Influencer Gives Up Social Media Every Sunday: Katie Boué started practicing No Social Sundays and reclaimed her time. [Katie Boué for Outside]

Mush Love Dogs: In this wide-ranging interview, Blair Braverman and Ana Marie Cox cover Blair’s memoir (Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube), all things mushing, how to dress for cold weather, climate change, and the surprising similarities between raising dogs and cultivating a compassionate online community. They also discuss some of the more sensitive topics in her memoir, including Blair’s interactions with toxic masculinity, and how her chronic illness altered her relationship with productivity and leisure. [on With Friends Like These]

Greta Thunberg's Army at New York City's Climate Strike: Millions around the world took to the streets to protest inaction on the climate crisis. In New York City, they got to hear from the commander-in-chief herself. [Murat Oztaskin for Outside]

Jennifer Ridgeway, the Visionary Behind the Patagonia Brand, Dies: Ridgeway was a force to be reckoned with, and over more than three decades with Patagonia helped pioneer its iconic aesthetic. [Brad Rassler for Outside]

Camber Outdoors Welcomes New Executive Director: Emily Newman hails from a California social-impact consultancy to lead the organization in its "equity in the outdoors" efforts. [Amelia Arvesen for SNEWS]

The Nepali Women Who Hike for Days to Deliver Birth Control: Staff members of Marie Stopes International navigate wild bulls, treacherous singletrack, and rushing rivers to make long-term birth control accessible to some of the hardest-to-access places in Nepal. [Atul Bhattarai for Outside]

Last but not least