The Extreme Cyclists of Navajo Nation

Plus, dating in mountain towns, podium girls, and one of the first female alpinists

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The Break: Female big-wave surfers prepare to compete on Mavericks’s 50-foot waves for the first time. [Bonnie Tsui and Rose Marie Cromwell for California Sunday Magazine]

One of the First Female Alpinists Was a Victorian Lady: Lucy Walker was the first woman to summit the Matterhorn and the Eiger—in a billowing dress—but she nearly vanished from history. [Kate Siber for Outside]

The Tour de France Loves Its Podium Girls: The podium program personified A.S.O.’s view of women. The organization has refused to restore a full stage race for women. It currently runs only a one-day event ahead of the men at the Tour. [Ian Austen for The New York Times]

Dating in Mountain Towns Is the Ultimate Crapshoot: One writer endures awkward morning cabin run-ins and hazardous chairlifts in the name of settling down (but still chasing snow). [Cassidy Randall for Outside]

The Extreme Cyclists of Navajo Nation: For some Navajo, cycling offers a way to connect with their landscape and heritage. [Cait Oppermann, Philip Gourevitch, and Jamie York for the New Yorker]

Finally, Women's Workout Gear with Functional Pockets: These tights and skirts each have one ingenious pocket big enough to stash all your essentials. [Kelly Bastone for Outside]

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July 31, 2018