Putting Two Women Into the Record Books of Human Achievement

Plus, breastfeeding at UTMB and endurance-apparel brands offering extended sizing

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What I’m reading

The Race Car Driver Who Powered a Bike Speed Record: This isn’t some cavalier attempt at raising the bar. It’s about a vision of putting two women into the record books of human achievement. [Shea Holbrook and Annie Pokorny for Outside]

The Right Photo for a Wrong Time: “Yes, if I could have deferred that place I absolutely would have done so. I had my place in 2014 and I lost that because I was pregnant and I couldn’t defer it...I knew that it would be a long time before I got another place.[Katherine Turner for Strava]

Endurance-Apparel Brands that Offer Extended Sizing: Finally, gearmakers are getting that not all female athletes are a size 6—and they’re designing performance apparel to reflect that. [Amanda Loudin for Outside]

Type-A Outdoorspeople: The TV Show ‘Camping’ Is for You: Anyone who has recreated with clashing personalities will relate to the not always likable but always entertaining characters on HBO’s new show. [Heather Hansman for Outside]

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