Outdoorsqueen Pattie Gonia Wants You to Find Your Six-Inch Heels

Plus, Blair Braverman on rejection

Hello from New Mexico.

What I’m reading

On Getting Rejected a Lot (and Liking It): What do you do after getting turned down by a dream job? Keep getting turned down. [Blair Braverman for Outside]

New Mexico Casts an Enchanting Spell on a Road Trip Adventure: The most underrated state in the U.S. deserves our attention. [Kassondra Cloos for Enterprise]

Mountains, Transcending: “Ever since I was five years old,” wrote opera singer–turned–Buddhist lama Alexandra David-Néel, “I craved to go beyond the garden gate, to follow the road that passed it by, and to set out for the Unknown.” [Ailsa Ross for Longreads]

Why Thru-Hikers Are Obsessed with Fantasy Books: “And in a weird sort of way, thru-hikers are dealing with things more akin to a character in a fantasy novel than anything else. They’re facing low odds of success, adapting to unforeseen scenarios, and picking themselves up after various obstacles knock them down again and again. They grow weary and run-down over the course of the journey. They also get tougher, wiser, and sometimes grow long beards.” [Rebecca Broojian for Outside]

If You Can Get Killed Doing It, Fashion Wants It: Headed for base camp at Everest or a cubicle at WeWork? It’s getting harder to tell the difference as the influence of extreme sports infiltrates mainstream fashion. [Guy Trebay for The New York Times]

Outdoorsqueen Pattie Gonia Wants You to Find Your Six-Inch Heels: Pattie Gonia, whose name is a play on you know which brand, is the drag-queen alter ego of 27-year-old photographer Wyn Wiley. [Erin Berger for Outside]

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