Outdoor Gear Makers: Get Green or Die Trying

Plus, in praise of strong female bodies and a rad metalsmith

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Here’s what I’m reading this week

Outdoor Gear Makers, Get Green or Die Trying: Lots of big brands are shifting toward more sustainable gear, without harmful PFCs. But for the industry as a whole, change is slow. [Kassondra Cloos for Outside]

Climbing Higher Into Science: “I hope our community becomes more comfortable discussing race and the lack of diversity within climbing, inviting curiosity and empathy rather than immediately dismissing it because it makes a predominantly white community uncomfortable. I hope that women are taken seriously and that we understand what very different struggles women of color face in the outdoor community.” [An interview on 500 Women Scientists with climber and neuroscientist Melise Edwards]

What the New York Times Got Wrong About Female Runners: The recent story about Katelyn Tuohy perpetuates a dangerous narrative: that normal physical development is a hurdle to overcome. [Martin Fritz Huber for Outside]

Not More, Just Better: Sunny Stroeer on a life of setting world records and staying humble [Emma Murray for Boulder Weekly]

Ruby and Revolver Makes Mountain-Inspired Jewelry: Meet Jessi Lewis, the metalsmith behind our new favorite line. [Leslie Hittmeier for Outside]

The Skateboarders Breaking From Centuries of Indian Tradition: “It was a lot to do with the fact that there weren’t many other girls actively in the scene and I wanted a crew to skate and hang with. I also felt what an exciting time it was for skateboarding in India, and I wanted more women to be a part of this history in the making.” [Maria Thomas for Quartz]

Lauren Groff's 'Florida' Dives into the Swamp: The author's latest book features stories that are just as mired in the contradictions of humanity as they are in the humidity of the Sunshine State. [Erin Berger for Outside]

Some cool news

Molly Mirhashem@mollyshirreen

yes! @wser just announced two pregnancy deferral policies. (https://t.co/ilOiNmzKf9) last year, @runningcase wrote about why this is important: https://t.co/n2pIC1PCB0

June 22, 2018
(Speaking of Western States, huge congrats to Jim Walmsley 💪🎉, and you should take some time to read this great piece Peter Vigneron wrote about him.)

Just for fun

Get ready to laugh very, very hard. Also know that you’re extremely fashionable: “The Enduring Appeal of the Carabiner in Menswear

A preview:

“It has an aesthetic that feels very individualistic,” Gallagher says of rock climbing. “I think that designers like that. Rock climbing is outdoorsy, and it’s also kind of, to be honest, drug-related.”

Last but not least: Please come work with me

Outside is hiring an editorial production fellow. You can read more about it here, but I hope to start sending out edit tests this week, so apply now if you’re interested.