Our Climate-Change Future Is Here

And the race that banned Black Lives Matter

Good morning! I spent the weekend doing fall stuff: making tomato sauce, pickling cucumbers, and researching 1 million pumpkin recipes. The perks of living on a veggie farm.

What I’m reading

Why Did a Virtual Ultra Ban "Black Lives Matter"? The infamous race director Lazarus Lake and runner Ben Chan disagree on whether the running community is a place for serious debate. [Martin Fritz Huber for Outside]

I Used the Podium to Protest. The Olympic Committee Punished Me. The I.O.C. is on the wrong side of history, again. [Gwen Berry for The New York Times]

Abby Dione Is the Only Queer Black Woman to Own a Climbing Gym in the U.S.—and She’s Kicking Ass: “What makes Coral Cliffs unique or different is that the prism through which we share climbing is a bit more soulful,” says Abby Dione, owner of the Florida-based gym. [Keely Dickes for Rock and Ice]

Our Climate-Change Future Is Here: “This year has felt like a battle to make smartish decisions in the face of unclear, very bad consequences. I am constantly wondering if the tightness in my chest is panic or rage or virus or smoke.” [Heather Hansman for Outside]

National Park Foundation Names LaTresse Snead Chief Program Officer: Snead will lead an expansion of programs supporting women's history, African American history, Latinx history, sustainability, and wildlife conservation. [via NPF]

Meet Khadjou Sambe, Senegal’s First Female Pro Surfer—in Pictures: Photojournalist Zohra Bensemra met Sambe, who is inspiring girls to take to the waves in Dakar, and has documented her family and surfing life. [Bensemra for the Guardian]

My Week Shadowing a Tornado Hunter in Oklahoma: With stormchasing tours more popular than ever, our writer set out to discover why this risky pastime is once again taking off. [Linda Logan for Outside]

Gigi Lucas Is Trying to Make the Ocean a More Inclusive Space: With SurfearNEGRA, Gigi Lucas is inviting more Black youth into the lineup. [Matthew B. Shaw for Surfer]

Last but not least

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