Looking to Recruit Female Firefighters

Plus, Prince Harry interviews Jane Goodall

Good morning! Back from a weekend of alpine lakes, bonfires, and puppies’ first big hike. Hope yours was equally beautiful and relaxing.

What I’m reading

Space Explorer Natalie Panek's Impossible Job: The Canadian almost-astronaut is making a name for herself as a new kind of space-nerd-of-all-trades. [Graham Averill for Outside]

Fiona Kolbinger, 24-Year-Old Medical Student, Becomes First Woman to Win the Transcontinental Race: “I was targeting the women’s podium, but I didn’t think I could win the whole race.” [Jason Sumner for Bicycling]

If You Can Get Killed Doing It, Fashion Wants It: Headed for base camp at Everest or a cubicle at WeWork? It’s getting harder to tell the difference as the influence of extreme sports infiltrates mainstream fashion. [Guy Trebay from The New York Times]

Northern New Mexico Forests Looking to Recruit Female Firefighters: This year, the Santa Fe and Carson national forests are joining forces to offer firefighter training, aiming to get more female applicants for the 2020 season. [Megan Bennett for the Albuquerque Journal]

HRH the Duke of Sussex Interviews Dr. Jane Goodall for the September Issue: A candid conversation from Vogue's September issue about environment, responsibility, and climate change. [Prince Harry for Vogue]

What You Should Know Before Starting Vanlife with Kids: Tips from the pros about the importance of communication, being prepared for a breakdown, and taking it slow. [Krista Langlois for Outside]

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