If There’s One Thing That Makes Americans Uncomfortable, It’s Successful Women

Plus, the case for geotagging

I’m back from a weekend in Boulder, hanging out with old friends and celebrating a wedding of two of the best folks I know.

What I’m reading

More Women Are on Everest Than Ever Before: For decades climbing was a male-dominated sport—it still is. But the gender gap is slowly shrinking. [Alan Arnette for Outside]

The Rise of the Lady Backpack: Some white-collar women are ditching their purses for a more practical toting solution. They say they’ll never go back. [Olga Khazan for the Atlantic]

Did We Just See Caster Semenya’s Last Race? After cruising to victory in Doha, Caster Semenya’s athletic future is up in the air. [Martin Fritz Huber for Outside]

She Hunted History’s Worst Arms Dealers. Now She’s Taking on Rhino Poachers. Over the past 30 years, Kathi Austin has chased weapons traffickers and war profiteers around the world, but never once carried a gun. Now, the arms-trafficking expert is not only breaking the cardinal rule of her modus operandi—to never use a gun while collecting evidence—but she also finds herself way out in a rural slum. [Majsan Boström for Narratively]

What’s Really Behind the Spin Bike Backlash: If there’s one thing that makes Americans uncomfortable, it’s successful women. [Eben Weiss for Outside]

5 Reasons to Keep Geotagging: The #nogeotag movement is a form of gatekeeping, or elitism. It involves individuals—usually those unaffected by structural racism and privileged to have grown up hiking and camping—asserting their self proclaimed authority over who should and shouldn’t be allowed into certain outdoor spaces. [Danielle Williams for Melanin Base Camp]

Other reads

This App Makes Your Phone Buzz When You Approach Places Where Women Made History: The SPARK Movement is aiming to put women on the map. After the nonprofit noticed that Google’s daily doodles featured women only 17 percent of the time, they reached out to the tech giants. Google agreed with them, and the two have worked together to feature more history-making women. [Isis Madrid for Good]

Last but not least