How Outdoor Programs Are Empowering Transgender Youth

Plus, a body-shaming ski resort ad and the best female thru-hiker of our time

The first day back after a long weekend is always a bit rough. So here’s some solid reading material to distract you from your overflowing inbox.

What I’m reading

How Outdoor Programs Are Empowering Transgender Youth: Camps and wilderness expeditions offer a refuge from prejudice and political battles, giving trans kids the tools they need to face future challenges. [Rachel Walker for Outside]

The Wildland Firefighter Opening Doors for Women: Bequi Livingston found power and confidence in physical strength. Now she’s teaching other women to do the same. [Zoe Rom for Outside]

A Historic Win in Utah Is Good News for Bears Ears: “If Grayeyes could beat his Republican opponent there, Native American people could control the law enforcement, finances, and transportation needs of their ancestral homeland for the first time since Mormon settlers arrived in the nineteenth century.” [Krista Langlois for Patagonia]

This Montana Snowbowl Ad Is So Bad: In a time when so many brands are marketing to women in smart ways, the body-shaming fliers that sparked major blowback in Missoula felt especially tasteless. [Heather Hansman for Outside]

Heather Anderson Completed a Calendar-Year Triple Crown: Only five others—all men—have completed the thru-hiker’s Holy Grail in fewer than 365 days. [Colleen Stinchcombe for Outside]

This Trail Race Pays Women More Than Men: This Utah 50K and half marathon event is taking one small step toward closing the wage gap. [Abigail Barronian for Outside]

Other reads

I Battled My Body For 30 Years. Having A Transgender Daughter Changed Everything.

I would look at my mother’s body and think of all things that were ‘wrong’ with it, while my daughter looks at my body and sees the body we define as female―a body she wants for herself.”

[Paria Hassouri for The Huffington Post]

Murder on a Mountain Bike

Everyone has theories, but the questions linger. Was he ambushed and robbed by a transient? Targeted as a mountain biker? Accidentally hit by a sport shooter, then killed to cover up the mistake? Was he pedaling when he was shot? Was his body moved?

[Devon O’Neil for Outside]

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