Erin Parisi Is a Pioneer for Transgender Mountaineers

Plus, the LGBTQ outdoor summit and the spaghetti strap sports bra of your nightmares

Happy Monday. I hope your weekend was filled with rest or adventure, whichever you needed most. Mine was spent climbing at a local crag, soaking in the fall colors and snowy mountains.

What I’m reading

Erin Parisi Is a Pioneer for Transgender Mountaineers: Parisi tackled three of the Seven Summits this year, and now she’s a few steps closer to likely becoming the first publicly transgender person to complete the famous challenge. [Katie Coakley for Outside]

I’m Your Spaghetti Strap Sports Bra, and I’m Here to Sabotage Your High-Impact Workout: That’s right, bitch. I’m back. After years of neglect, my distressingly sheer lycra is ready to tackle that treadmill, so let’s hit it, girl. [Kinsey Gidick for McSweeney’s]

The Second Annual LGBTQ Outdoor Summit: In the evening there is a fire and I sit watching the flames and listening to people’s conversations, marveling, again, at hearing IRL discussions about things I have only ever seen discussed online. Access to outdoors spaces for disabled folks. How folks of color should be paid for their labor in educating white communities. Ways to address the culture of toxic masculinity in the outdoors. Having these conversations IRL feels valuable to me in a way I wasn’t expecting; we feel safer, I realize, when we can talk about things in an actual group. [Carrot Quinn for Autostraddle]

Scott’s New Video Series Is an Ode to Strong Women: I’m glad to see Scott flying the women’s radness flag because I want to see examples of women notching gnarly descents and stamina-stretching runs. [Kelly Bastone for Outside]

Casey Brown Is Ready for the Red Bull Rampage: Casey Brown overcame poverty and the bizarre death of her brother to become a world-class mountain biker, doing jumps on a terrain with no margin for error. But is she good enough to be the first woman to compete in the sport's most dangerous event? Spoiler alert: Red Bull did not invite Brown to compete this year. She’s still ready. [Gordy Megroz for Outside]

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