Amelia Boone Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

Plus, a crotch-friendly bike saddle for women

Hello. Happy Monday. Diving right in. (A shot from a favorite local lake below.)

What I’m reading

Finally! A Crotch-Friendly Bike Saddle: Women cyclists who train long hours on a bike often experience damage to their genitalia. But Specialized's new Mimic saddles could solve the problem. [Kelly Bastone for Outside]

Amelia Boone Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder: The world-champion obstacle course racer has had a 20-year history with anorexia. But now she's in the process of recovering, and she has some important lessons to share. [Amelia Boone, shared on Outside]

American Soccer: Where Men Are Men, and Women Are Repeat World Cup Champions: They are unequaled in play and unequal in pay. [Lindsay Crouse for The New York Times]

How WTF Bikexplorers Built an Inclusive Cycling Space: The national organization and its regional offshoots give non-cis-male cyclists the chance to bike in nature and learn skills in a welcoming community. [Bridey Heing for Outside]

I (Kinda) Hate Running: I'm worse at it than your average tortoise, and yet I persist. Why? Miseries and all, there's no better foundation for my physical and mental health. [Andrea Pitzer for Outside]

How Not to Talk to Your Child About Body Image: “Separate the idea of weight, which is deeply fraught in our culture, particularly for women, from the practice of physical activity, which means a lot to you, does wonders for health, and which your daughter seems to enjoy. Let her weight be her business.” [Blair Braverman for Outside]

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