All the Bad Habits We Won't Give Up in 2019

Plus, robot therapy and on fixing your attitude

And we’re back. New year, same newsletter. Hope your 2019 is off to a strong start.

Here’s what I’m reading

Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou Wants to Fix Your Attitude:Kids think they can do anything. Nothing is impossible for them. But adults are stuck in an ‘I can’t’ mindset. For adults, so many things seem impossible.” [Graham Averill for Outside]

Angela Hawse Takes Helm of American Mountain Guides Association Board As Group Leans on Women to Foster Change in Guiding Culture: “We are at the forefront and it’s a really exciting time for us to rattle some cages and bring more awareness to issues,” she says. [Jason Blevins for the Colorado Sun]

Your Ideal Therapist Might Not Be Human: One of our editors spent a month working through her feelings with Woebot, a therapy chat bot. Here's how it went. [Erin Berger for Outside]

How and Why Jackie Paaso Got Her Own Ski Film Made: Paaso just wrapped up a two-year film project with fellow FWT athlete Eva Walkner—and it wasn't easy. [Julie Brown for Powder]

All the Bad Habits We Won't Give Up in 2019: The editors weigh in on all the things we ought to give up... but won't. [via Outside]

Coalition Snow’s Jen Gurecki Talks Reno Economy, Affordable Housing, Female Entrepreneurship and More: "It's always interesting when you see yourself in a magazine with Elon Musk on the cover." [Kaleb Roedel for Northern Nevada Business View]

Other reads

The Philosopher Redefining Equality” by Nathan Heller for The New Yorker:

In this respect, it might seem odd that, through history, equality and freedom have arrived together as ideals. What if they weren’t opposed, Anderson wondered, but, like the sugar-phosphate chains in DNA, interlaced in a structure that we might not yet understand? What if the way most of us think about the relation between equality and freedom—the very basis for the polarized, intractable political division of this moment—is wrong?

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