Access to the Outdoors Is a Basic Human Right

"Let's use this opportunity to enact real change"

Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was great. I swooped up to Taos for part of mine.

What I’m reading

Op-Ed: After the Camber Equity Pledge Blowup: This week saw heated public outcry over the organization's false claim of being the first to get outdoor brands to commit to inclusivity. Let's use this opportunity to enact real change. [Glenn Nelson for Outside]

The Fight for Gender Equality in One of the Most Dangerous Sports on Earth: These women want the right to compete in big-wave contests—and get paid as much as men do. [Daniel Duane for The New York Times Magazine]

An Open Letter on Gender Inequality in Trail and Ultrarunning: As mentioned, we appreciate that RRR has recognized gender parity as an issue to be addressed, and we do want to encourage race organizers and others in positions of power in the sport to consider how their races, sponsorships, and publicity can serve to move women forward, not perpetuate the “old boys club” that it may appear to be at many start lines. [Jessie McClurg on Medium]

Op-Ed: Access to the Outdoors Is a Basic Human Right: New Mexico wants to create a first-of-its-kind Outdoor Equity Fund for underserved youth. Other states that care about preserving the natural world and raising a new generation of activists should take note. [Angelica Rubio and Stephanie Garcia Richard for Outside]

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I would pitch stories to outdoor magazines and nobody would take me seriously...So I was like, I'm going to start my own thing.

[Interview with Range Founder Jeanine Pesce on the She Explores Podcast]

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