A Women's Climbing Festival That's Open to All Genders

Plus, winter layering for plus-size hikers

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Dawa Yangzum Sherpa Is Officially on The North Face Athlete Team: Congrats, Dawa! (More on why she’s amazing here.)

A women’s climbing fest that’s open to all genders

After three years of sold-out events for women-identified and non-binary people, Flash Foxy introduces an extension where men are welcome, too, by Emma Walker:

“We’re using the term all genders to take away that binary focus. Male, female, non-binary folks—everybody is welcome, across the entire spectrum of what gender can mean.”

Summerfest, Jun says, is another push in a larger effort to “shift the climbing culture to be a better reflection of all of us.” Inviting male allies to be part of that conversation, she hopes, will broaden the movement toward intersectionality.

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